1834: Veidovi, brother of the king of Rewa, kills American beche-de-mer entrpreneurs on Ono Island

In September, 1834Veidovi, brother of the king of Rewa, piloted the American brig Charles Doggett to Kaadavu. The brig anchored at Ono Island, and the mate landed with most of the crew (some of whom were Tahitians) to work in the vala house of their shore station there.

Death on 5th September: Veidovi and the local chief planned to take the ship for Qaraniqio, another chief of Rewa, each claiming what he could secure of the spoils; and on the morning of 5th September, seeing the crew busily engaged in the vala house, armed Fijians surrounded the building, set fire to it, and clubbed the men as they ran from the flames. Ten men were killed, eight of them being American citizens, one a negro. The mate and a boy had almost reached the ship’s boat when they, too, were struck down with the clubs and spears. the men who had remained on the ship brought her cannon to bear on the (Fijians) on the beach, who fled to the shelter of a cave, and the ship got under way and was saved. The beach-comber Paddy Connel was on board, and an eyewitness of all that took place; and he was the chief witness when, six years later, Veklovi was brought to justice”.



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