28th February, 1849, traders return to live at Levuka

The Levuka traders found the site of the new settlement at Nawaido unhealthy, and too far removed from visiting ships. they longed for the clear streams, cool breezes and safe harbour of Levuka. Lacking Cakobau’s protection, they were harried by hostile natives.

24th September, 1845: One of their cutters was seized when opposite Korrolevu Island, near Somosomo, five white men of the crew being killed. The missionary Thomas Williams, however, bought the cutter from its captors, and wrote to inform the men of Solevu of the outrage; and four months later the ship was returned to William Valentine.

16 die dysentery: There was much sickness in the little community. Whippy himself being so seriously ill in May, 1847, that he sent to Tiliva mission station for John Hunt. finally, in 1848, dysentery claimed sixteen victims, and the survivors begged to be allowed to return to Levuka.

Cakobau agreed readily enough for both he and the young Tui Levuka had missed the merchandise and munitions they were accustomed to get so easily.

On 28th February, 1849: the boats left Solevu Bay, laden with the families and their goods. On the morning of their departure, hot words passed between Whippy and some of the others, and he remained behind but on 6th March, a party arrived from Levuka and persuaded him to return.

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