Fabian von Bellinghausen lands southern outposts of the Fiji group 18th August, 1820

Fabian von Bellinghausen, who had been engaged in exploration along the fringe of the Antarctic. On 18th August, 1820, he sighted two densely-wooded islands, surrounded by wide fringing reefs with heavy surf. these proved to be the southern outposts of the Fiji group.

Tuvana-i-ra and Tuvasna-i-coloHe named them Mihailov Island and Simonow Island, after the astronomer and artist of his expedition; but their native names have survived, and they are named Tuvana-i-ra and Tuvasna-i-colo on the present charts. Land was sighted on the northern horizon and presently proved to be six islands, all gathered within a circular reef with but one boat passage. The Fijian name for the cluster was Ono, meaning the islands. Here Bellinghausen made contact with the natives.

Coloured studies made by the ship’s artist: His description of them is vivid and accurate; and his published record is embellished with coloured studies made by the ship’s artist. The detached reef Vuata Ono (offspring of Ono), a few miles to the south-west, was surveyed and named Bereghis Reef.


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