14 October 1850: Waterhouse ready to sail on Wesley as third Missionary at Lakemba, Fiji

Reverent Joseph Waterhouse letter from Wesleyan Mission House, Auckland New Zealand, 14 October 1850 is full of fantasic expectations and religious righteousness as he waits to sale  on the Wesley to Fiji.

My dear brother and Sister,
We wrote to you last per “Moa” wh. sailed 6 Sept, since when we have not heard from Adelaide, but hope we shall have letters before we leave. wh. will

The “John Wesley” arrived on the 6th. October. The District had decided upon leaving Rotumah unvisited in order to give me a passage down to Feejee: this is the reason of her arriving earlier than we expected. I was stationed as third Missionary at Lakemba, under dear Mr Smythe (who had received my letter per “Meander” informing him of my arrival at Auckland). But as Mr. Millard, Mr Calvert’s colleague at Veiva was useless & said he would never be either efficient or happy in his work the Brethren decided that he might leave per “Wesley” if he chose, in the event of wh. it was unanimously resolved that I should be stationed there at Veiva. Mr. Millard retreated, and I embark for Veiva on Wednesday next the 16th. inst. We shall look in at Tonga, just to load a few stores, but the detention will not exceed two or three days.

Mr Millard’s is a mysterious case. He says Mr Boyce forced him into going, But how he could see Lyth, Calvert, Williams, dying under their excessive labours, & retreat whilst he & his wife enjoyed as good health as any new comer ever did, is indeed strange. His wife seems to merit the blame; he is easily led; & she has made him a miserable man for life. No one is pleased with her.

Mr. Moore will never be more than an Asst. Missionary. Mr Lawry accuses the Sydney preachers of having deceived him with reference to Millard & Moore. He was told they were two men as suitable for the work as he could get, if he searched all England.


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