30 August 1852: Joseph Waterhouse would sooner trust ten Cannibals than one Papist.

The Reverend Joseph Waterhouse in a letter from ( Levuka?) headed Ovalau, Feejee, 30 August / 52. to Thomas Padman Esqr. Adelaide, wrote:

My dear Brother,

Your welcome letter of the 29th May, per Mr. Owen’s vessel came to hand last Friday. I am glad to hear that so many poor men are being benefited by the Gold mines.

What rejoices me the most is your report of the prosperity of Zion. I hope that Adelaide will always keep ahead: lay a good foundation on wh. your children may build. Prosperity attend your labours! Posterity will applaud your zeal & will be induced to follow in your footsteps by spreading Xtian holiness through the land. Let the S.A. Church be faithful, & she will be honoured.

I am glad that Feejee is “interesting” to you. My personal friends are expected to enlist the sympathies, contributions, and prayers of the faithful. “Freely ye have received, freely give.” A missionary spirit is indispensable to the prosperity of Christ’s Church.

Hope that my Dr. & Cr. a/c will come to hand by Samuel. I am naturally anxious to know how I stand.You just name that Norwood is unsold. If Wm. Longbottom has done nothing with his piece I should like you to re-purchase it and let the whole remain as a home stead for your humble servant. But if it has passed out of his hands, never mind.

I now send you seconds of Exchange (on a/c of Ironmongery) for £20.0.0, former of wh. was sent pr. “Wesley”, which sailed finally from this group, for Auckland, 4th. Augt.

As I have written at some length to George, I am deprived of the material wherewith to fill the sheet. We feel very deeply indebted to Mr. Eggleston, who writes to us by every opportunity from Sydney. He has sent me a “Watchman” of 7 April last. We are very destitute of news here. We are astonished to hear the European news. Do write via Sydney & New Zealand.

When Mr. Owen’s vessel arrived we had nothing to eat to our bread. We have now procured honey & cheese. We are badly served from New Zealand. Sometimes only half the things sent; sometimes bad groceries.

The French are going to make another Tahiti affair of Feejee, we fear. The priests expect two Ships-of-war daily and then the natives are to be converted to the Holy Church. The priests do not tabu war or scarcely anything that is bad. What would Adelaide Papists say to this? They tell the most awful lies. We hear that the British are going to take possession of Feejee; & hope it is so. If the priests gain their point our heads will be worth very little. I would sooner trust ten Cannibals than one Papist. I came to Feejee with very little prejudice against the Papists, but their conduct makes me conclude them to be worse than any heathen I ever met with or read of. The Lord save us from Popery!

We shall expect lots of letters and papers by Mr. Owen. Mary Ann seems afraid of writing. I should think that she might leave you minus pudding, for one day, so as to write to me.

I should so like to take a run over & see you all, but I am bound. I will pray for you & live in hope that Providence will yet permit us to see one another again in the flesh.

I leave the remainder for Bessy.
With love to Mr. & Mrs Draper, Mrs. & Wm. Longbottom & all as if named. I am, my dear bro.
Yours affectionately,
Joseph Waterhouse.

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