4th. November 1850: Elizabeth Waterhouse in Tonga “enchanted by earthly Paradise”; horrified at “heathens”

The wife of the Wesleyan missionary Joseph Waterhouse wrote a letter as she was about to leave for Fiji for for the first time.

My dear Mary Ann:I am sure you will be thankful to hear we are about to sail for Feejee. We desire to praise the Lord that He has dealt so graciously with us & we feel we can thank him that we did not go with Mr. Lawry in the “John Wesley”. From all we can learn it would have been anything but pleasant. I trust we may be made useful in Feejee. I go trusting in an all sufficient Saviour – but you must pray for us that our faith fail not. I am sorry that we shall have to be the bearer of mournful tidings to Mr. & Mrs. Calvert. We have just seen in the “Watchman” that their little girl whom they sent to England for her education with Mrs Hunt is dead. This will be a severe trial to them – She was a most amiable & pious child. I have not time to say any more. I pray that God may bless you and yours in an abundant manner.

My love to Mr Padman, George & Lydia & also friends, and believe me yours very affectionately

Elizabeth Waterhouse

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