William Pritchard, who was born in Tahiti of missionary parents in 1829

William Pritchard, –first resident British Consul in Fiji was born in Tahiti of missionary parents in 1829, and given extraordinary power by Fijian chiefs… changed Fijian histor,… was tried and dismissed by a British government in a gross miscarriage of justice. William Pritchard’s first wife was Samoan, and her identity is revealed in this book, as is the previously untold story of his relations with missionaries, chiefs, and officials in London, some of whom conspired to bring him down

Prelude to Empire. Consuls, Missionary Kingdoms, and the Pre-Colonial South Seas Seen Through the Life of William Thomas Pritchard by Andrew E. Robson See also   “The Trial of Consul Pritchard.” The Journal of Pacific History.
30.2: (1995):173-193.,
Andrew E. Robson

Andrew E. Robson
Professor of English  Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science  University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 101 N/E Building Tel: (920) 424-1185 Fax: (920) 424-3125 Oshkosh, WI 54901 robsona@uwosh.edu



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