1856: English trader, William Fox, murdered on Savaii, Samoa

“Late in 1856 an English trader, by name William Fox, was murdered by a young chief on Savaii. The act arose from a supposed insult, and for two years the offender went unpunished. The effect of this circumstance on the childish mind of the natives during this period was bad; their natural respect for the resident whites seems, from this and other causes which have been referred to, to have suffered considerably. But in 1859 H.M.S. Cordelia, Captain Vernon, paid a punitive visit to Savii, demanded the surrender of the murderer, destroyed houses and canoes until he was delivered up, and then promptly strung him to the yardarm, returning his body for burial. The effect of the punishment was marked and it was lasting”.

History of Samoa – R.M. Watson

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