1889: Trade house Godeffroy, fails; but Weber had purchased seventy-five thousand acres, in Upolu, Samoa

From the standpoint of Samoa, Weber’s greatest work was his persistent acquisition, on behalf of the firm which he represented, of tracts of land which at the time of his surrendering the management at Apia in 1888 and his death the following year at Hamburg at the age of fifty-two, amounted to seventy-five thousand acres, much of it of the cream of Upolu and therefore of all the Samoas.

Johann Cesar Godeffroy fails: In the ‘seventies Johann Cesar Godeffroy broke, and his firm collapsed, through foreign speculation, and their place in the South Seas is now occupied by the Hamburg Company which bears the wonderful name of the —Deutsche Handels und Plantagen Gesellschaft der Südsee Inseln zu Hamburg” and is known throughout the Western Pacific as the German Firm, or the D.H.&P. G.

The youthful genius of Weber: Whatever his methods may have been it is impossible not to admire the youthful genius of Weber. He found himself in a community where conditions were about as loose as me could well imagine, where government was nominal, and in these small, often sordid, surroundings without precedent and alone he constructed on wide lines and with sure knowledge the greatest commercial edifice in the South Seas. His results have never been faulty; his dealings have stood the test of time.

The Land Commission of 1891-1894 finds Weber dealings sound: The Council threw many land claims out and reduced most, but it found nearly all Weber’s purchases valid and based upon good consideration. His system of imported controlled labour is the only one that has so far been found entirely satisfactory; his plantations alone offer no interference with the ordinary life of the Samoans. He first in Samoa substituted copra for oil. His firm almost alone has succeeded in plantation matters.

History of Samoa – R.M. Watson


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