1865: exports from Fiji; 60,000 oranges, 4000 lemons, assorted coconuts, a shipment of pigs

“Mr Saunders’s life of Bully Hayes is again our chief source of information for the next phase of that crooked mariner’s wanderings. After the affair of Helen Murray, Bully crossed Cook Strait to Wellington. “Here, on 1st February 1865, the smooth-talking sailor was registered as the sole owner of the Shamrock, a schooner of 71 tons register, and furthermore the vessel was not mortgaged.” Where Hayes obtained the 500 pounds or more to buy the Shamrock is a mystery, but, says Mr Saunders, “one of the New Zealand papers tells a story of how a lady known as the ‘Bull Pup’ once financed Hayes to the purchase of a schooner, and perchance this was when she did so”. The Shamrock sailed from New Zealand for the South Sea Islands in February 1865, and left Fiji on the return voyage to New Zealand on 5th May. She arrived at Lyttelton on 19th May with several passengers, 60,000 oranges, 4000 lemons, assorted coconuts, a shipment of pigs, and a bundle of souvenirs consigned to W.H. Hayes himself no less. The Shamrock stayed in Lyttelton for some weeks until “in July 1865, during a gale, she broke away from her holding tackle. But the mate made sail, and proceeded down the harbour until he got shelter of the land below Rhodes Bay.” At last, on 26th July 1865, the Shamrock sailed again for the South Seas. Bully was short of cash after his long stay in Lyttelton, and mortgaged his vessel to Hargreaves Brothers for 33 pounds at twelve per cent interest. Besides being broke, Bully Hayes on the day of his departure had something else on his mind – a marriage. Unless Amelia was dead or divorced by this time, it was a bigamous marriage. Hayes stated that he was a widower. A certified copy of the entry of marriage (No. 319) in my possession gives the information that on 26th July 1865 at the Royal Hotel, Christchurch, Lyttelton District, William Henry Hayes, aged thirty-three, Master Mariner, married Emily Butler, aged twenty-one, Spinster. Witnesses: Albert Cuff, Royal Hotel, Hotelkeeper, and John Coker, Criterion Hotel, Hotelkeeper.


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