1874: Cakabau gets a pension from the English government

Anthony Trollope wrote in 1875, “As soon as the transfer was completed, Thakombau, with some of his relatives and followers, paid a visit to Sir Hercules Robinson at Sydney, and was entertained in semi-regal state. The old man expressed himself pleased with everything, and was evidently gratified at the treatment he received. But he did not like the life. He has now gone back to his own land, and lives as a pensioner on the English Crown, with certain magisterial authority still in his hands. It is a singular termination to the career of one who has eaten his enemies, and who lived for sixty years as a heathen and a cannibal”.

Trollope, Anthony. The Tireless Traveler: Twenty Letters to the Liverpool Mercury. Berkeley:  University of California Press, The articles, which bear Trollope’s signature, can be found on page five every Saturday from July 3, 1875, through November 13, 1875.   [1978,c1941] 1978. http://ark.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/ft1d5nb0hv/


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