1839-1831: Tahitian teachers reached Lakeba in 1830 – Taharaa from Papara, Faaruea and Hatai from Moorea, all unmarried

1830: The Tahitian teachers, after being detained on Tongatapu for some time by Aleamotu’a, reached Lakeba in 1830 – Taharaa from Papara, Faaruea and Hatai from Moorea, all unmarried. Tui Nayau proved to be less ready to receive Christianity than had been expected.

1832: In 1832 they moved to Oneata; south of Lakeba, where they succeeded in founding the first place of regular Christian worship on Fijian soil. Though they had problems acquiring the language, they were warmly welcomed. Local tradition still remembers and honours them at Oneata.
John Garrett, “To Live Among the Stars”(book reviewed in the Journal of Pacific History, Sept, 1998, by Roderic Lacey) . Geneva/Suva: World Council of Churches in Association with the Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific. 2-8254-0692-

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  1. Do you know if these Tahitian missionaries ever got married with a lady from Oneata? or maybe had a child with one??

    • The answer – missionary progeny – very, very likely!. The mixed race boom started in the late 1700s.
      For example the first governor of Fiji (Pritchard) was the son of an early Tahitian missionary – he married and had two children with a Pacific islander.
      His wife and daughters were drowned in a shipwreck and he later left for California and married again.
      I created this site to aid the search for my own Pacific ancestor; and learned a whole lot about the Pacific – but still have not found my island home… Hope you find your gene-trail. Perhaps others who read this can can help you with more specific data.

  2. Actually Levuka, William Thomas Pritchard (Brother to my 2nd Great Grandfather-George Ayleen Pritchard) their father was the controversial(LOL) LMS Missionary George Pritchard., who was also later appointed British Consul for Tahiti by HRM Queen Victoria. Also said to have or almost started a war between Brittain and France during the period. hahaha!
    William T. Pritchard did marry a Samoan, as did his older brother George. Yes, he lost his wife, two daughters and his sister in that fateful shipwreck. William T later in his life married a mexican woman, lived, worked and died in New Mexico.
    George Pritchard…the missionary’s 9 children were all born in Tahiti. His roots lie in Birmingham England and are of Welsh descent.
    Fa’afetai and Manuia lava!

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