October, 1870: German traders in Apia, Samoa were shaking in their shoes for fear of what the French squadron might do to them

“When in October, 1870, I sailed into the harbour of Apia, Samoa, in the ill-fated ALBATROSS, Mr Louis Becke was gaining his first experiences of island life as a trader on his own account by running a cutter
between Apia and Savai’i. “It was rather a notable moment in Apia, for two reasons. In the first
place, the German traders were shaking in their shoes for fear of what the French squadron might do to them, and we were the bearers of the good news from Tahiti that the chivalrous Admiral Clouet, with a very
proper magnanimity, had decided not to molest them; and, secondly, the beach was still seething with excitement over the departure on the previous day of the pirate, Pease, carrying with him the yet more
illustrious “Bully” Hayes.

Introduction to “By Reef and Palm” by “Pembroke”, by  Becke, Louis, 1855-1913.   Michael Sturma reported “At the end of the nineteenth century one of Australia’s most popular writers was George Lewis `Louis’ Becke. Some hailed him as the `Rudyard Kipling of the Pacific’. Although these days Becke is little known, during the course of his writing career between 1894 and his death in 1913, he published some thirty-five books.  His speciality was the south sea tale”. By Reef and Palm: Sexual Politics and South Seas Tales Journal article by Michael Sturma; Journal of Australian Studies, No. 53, 1997


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