July 1870: Mountaineers from Navosa kill 370 in four towns in Ba, on the North-west coast of Viti Levu

The particulars are condensed from the Fiji Times of July 23:— “We have just heard frightful news from Ba, on the North-west coast of Viti Levu. For some time past the Ba people have been at war with the mountaineers, and a few have been killed on both sides, but a letter just in from the native minister informs us of a fearful massacre.
The mountaineers from Navosa came down to Nalotu, an inland district…
Peace offerings: The Nalotu people were filled with fear, and presented peace offerings. The mountaineers then entered their towns and remained for a few days in apparent friendliness, but their number was being continually increased by new arrivals from the hills. They then turned round ‘suddenly upon the Nalotu people and slaughtered three hundred and seventy of them. That so many have been killed is beyond doubt.
Silas reports from Ba: Silas, the native minister who lives at Ba, writes “The Navuuivasi town 171 killed, Drantani 114, Koroikewa 58, Nasaga 27 — altogether 370. This number clubbed is clear, but there are many still missing, who are hiding in the jungle, or have been taken prisoners of war to Navosa”.
Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVI, Issue 4070, 7 September 1870, Page 3


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