February 13, 1872: New unelected Fiji government corrupt: F J Hennings – Cakobau’s treasurer prints money at will: chief clerk John Campbell McCallum charged with embezzlement.

10-april-levukua-mioney1In 1872, floods of paper money: paper money was released with no backing and no accounting, the Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle reported court was told, in the first case before the new Supreme Court.
Minister sand public servants reported drunk: Ministers and government servants in the new government were reported drunk and fighting in the pubs and beaches. New Police were also drunk on duty. They were armed with Snider rifles, and revolvers of “the latest English and American patterns”. Two Solomon Islanders jailed in Levuka, had died of starvation, while in custody. This was described by the Coroner, as “death by natural causes”.
Harbour pilot, now Admiral of the fleet: The new Admiral Hedstrom was accused as acting like a pirate -at the helm of the Vivid – with its four guns – supported by a government barge of armed civil servants, under command of Captain Henry Freeman, to collect the new harbour fees. The new attorney-general – Colonel Hamilton, had replaced the last Alfred Edward Manning – who had drowned January 28 1872, in the upsetting of a boat in a squall. Hamilton had banned all public meetings at pain of heavy penalties.
Lieutenant Woods re badged Ambassador Extraordinary: He had left for Sydney for borrow money and seek a warship to keep the unpopular, unelected government in power.
Fijian instant money: Treasury Notes above – were the second issued by the Cakabau government. During this period there were three main Treasurer signatures which are found today; J.C. Smith, C.H. Clarkson and G.A. Woods.


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