Polynesian peoples are genetic outliers with no close relatives outside of their territorial homelands

DNA of Polynesians

DNA of Polynesians

The Australian and Polynesian peoples are genetic outliers within the broader family or Eurasian regions, with no close relatives outside of their territorial homelands
DNA maps show how tribes evolved: Since molecular DNA has provided a more objective way of charting human relationships, scientists have known that while inter-population differences do exist, traditionally defined racial groups do not exist as exclusive or pure genetic units..The relationships illustrated by this diagram are the cumulative product of
– genetic contact within each region created by migrations, intermarriage, and gradual diffusion; and
– relative isolation from other regions.
Isolation by ocean: Natural features that make these contacts easier or more difficult can determine regional genetic relationships: waterways, mountain regions, fertile plains, and continental borders shape the pathways of human interactions that create both cultural areas and genetic regions.
North American Indians also genetically isolated: For instance, the historical difficulty of travel between Asia and North America corresponds to the great distance between the American Indian super-family and all other world regions. Indian regions are part of their own super-family that is distinct from the other superfamily (labeled Non-American Indian) that includes all other world regions.
A New Genetic Map of Living Humans in Interconnected World Regions E. Valaitis1 and L. Martin Revised 03/10/2008 Dr. Eduardas Valaitis received his Doctorate in Statistics from Yale University, New Haven, CT and has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at American University, Washington, D.C. He is currently a Senior Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers


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