1865: Birth of BLAKELOCK James Thursfield -1865

Birth, BLAKELOCK James Thursfield -1865
– parents Thomas and Elizabeth BLAKELOCK

Fiji Births/baptisms registered at British Consul, prior to 1870. This reference comes from Christine Liava’a, member of the NZ Genealogical Society and founder of the Pacific Islands Interests group. She says: ” All of these, plus others from 1870 – 1873 are registered in the 4 volumes of deeds compiled by the British consul in Levuka between 1853 and 1873.

More data: There could be a similar set of documents from the American Consul- J B Williams, probably held in NAARA, or perhaps filmed and held in other places. But, these only list registrations by people who wanted to be registered. They do not list Europeans with Fijian wives, or their children.
1874/75 Census: The 1874/75 Census does list them, if they were alive at that time, but does  not include the really early ones. All the directories etc date from the 1870s”.

I have capitalised surnames where it appears, that is the surname.

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