Fiji Births/baptisms and marriages and deaths registered at British Consul, prior to 1870

This list comes from Christine Liava’a, member of the NZ Genealogical Society and founder of the Pacific Islands Interests group ( I have sent her an email, and hope for a response)  She says: ” All of these, plus others from 1870 – 1873 are registered in the 4 volumes of deeds compiled by the British consul in Levuka between 1853 and 1873.”

More data: “There could be a similar set of documents from the American Consul- J B Williams, probably held in NAARA, or perhaps filmed and held in other places. But, these only list registrations by people who wanted to be registered. They do not list Europeans with Fijian wives, or their children”.

1874/75 Census: The 1874/75 Census does list them, if they were alive at that time, but does not include the really early ones. All the directories etc, date from the 1870s”.

I have capitalised what I believe is the surname

BAKER, Clara Nuinui -1865

Sarah Alice-1861

Harriet Ann- 1859

Parents Thomas* and Harriet BAKER

BLAKELOCK James Thursfield -1865

Parents Thomas and Elizabeth BLAKELOCK

CALVERT, Philip Fowley 1841

Annie 1843

David 1844

Sarah 1846

Hannah Hunt 1849

James 1851

Parents, James and Mary CALVERT

CAREY, Annie Amelia *1859

Frances Helen 1861

Eustace Lawford 1862

Ernest Birkby 1864

Effie 1865

Reginald Stevens 1866 ?

Alfred Ernest 1869

Murine May 1872 p

Parents- Jesse and Lydia CAREY

FISON Mary Calvert 1864 p

Parents Lorimer and Jane FISON

GILL, Horatio Kioa 1863

Parents John Joseph and Anne Eliza GILL

GRANT Lily Ethel* born Wooloomoolooo 1867

Parents ? and Mrs GRANT

HARRIS, Emily Ada 1871

Parents Edwin ad Louisa HARRIS

HORSLEY, Louie Jane 1861

Mary Calvert 1864

William Thornton 1865

Parents John Fenwick and Louisa Jane HORSLEY

INGLIS Female child 1868

Parents John and Priscilla INGLIS

MCINNES, Lizzie Isabel born at sea 1868

Parents Daniel and Margaret Hill MCINNES

MOORE, Emelie Louisa 1860 parents William and Mary Anne MOORE

NIEMAN, male child 1868
Parents John Henry and Harriet NIEMAN

ROBSON Eliza Creed 1866 ? 1868

Parents John and Nancy Maria ROBSON

SIMMONDS Harold Ernest 1873

Parents Joseph Henry and Sarah SIMMONDS

TAIT, John George 1862

Francis William 1865

Parents Francis and Eleanor TAIT

THURSFIELD, Henry 1869

Parents Thomas and Elizabeth Blatlelver THURSFIELD

WATERHOUSE, Mary Watson 1852

John 1855

Joseph 1857

Henry Martyn 1859

George Marsden 1861

Rowland William Jabez 1863

Parents Joseph and Elizabeth WATERHOUSE

WEBB, Effie Beton 1869

Florence 1872

Walter 1870

Parents Arthur John  and Sarah Annie WEBB

Marriages prior to 1870 registered with British consul

Alexander Barrack & Matilda KNIGHT- 1863 @ Savusavu

George Boyes Evans & Marion MORTAN 1869 @ ?

William Thomas PRITCHARD & Ellen Fanny GLOVER 1862 @ Levuka

Morris Russel & Catherine VAUGHAN 1861 @ Levuka

Jacob B Storck & Alexandrina Sophia HAGG 1868 @Levuka

Deaths prior to 1870 registered with British Consul

BARKER, Thomas* 1867 @ Navosa CAREY, Annie Amelia * 1861 @ Taveuni

CARR, David AKA Christopher 1864 at sea

GRANT Lily Ethel* 1868 ?

MCLACHLAN, James 1869 @ Levuka

RYDER, Edmond Urmson 1867 ?

COCKS, Robert 1869 @ Levuka

CREELMAN, James Campbell 1868 ?

IRVINE, Alexander 1867 ?

SANDILANDS, Edward Vincent 1869 @ Sydney

This data collected by “Christine Liava’a is a New Zealander married to a Tongan. Her interests are the history and the peoples of the Pacific region.She is a longstanding member of the NZ Genealogical Society and founder of the Pacific Islands Interests group, She has previously published a series of booklets containing lists of people involved in various events in the Pacific area, and intends to produce more”.


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