1858: Levuka pioneers; Mr. J. Hennings, a German. arrived from Samoa.

It was not until 1858 that the present town of Levuka could be said to have been properly founded, the pioneers having lived in the native villages, but about that date houses began to be built on tho beach.
Amongst the first to establish business on Ovalau was Mr. J. Hennings, a German, who arrived here  from Samoa.
Mr. Pritchard, the first British Consul, also arrived from Otahoito, (Tahiti) and gradually others followed, until quite the nucleus of a town was formed.
The Mercury Supplement, (Hobart, Tasmania)  Saturday 13 February, 1886.  This item appears written by a Levuka resident in early 1886, or late 1885.  It encourages tourism to Levuka, as a rest from an overheated Australia.  Author uses the name “Tasmanian”. Possibly Frederick Langham   Perhaps ship-owner and trader with a long term trading relationship with Levuka and Suva, for at least five years – since 1880.


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