1886: Levuka Nasova cemetery, caretaker: George Gardiner

Image http://www.flickr.com/photos/markmat/81911231/Image“To the south west  of the town beyond Nasova, on the approach to which are several well appointed private residences, there is nothing to be seen except the cemetery, which is very picturesquely situated on the sloping side of a hill facing the sea.

In it are several nice monuments, and the whole is kept in excellent order by its custodian, Mr. George Gardiner, a Tasmanian, who is also an officer H.M Customs and caretaker of Government House.

Beyond, in this direction, following the coastal road to the southward, there is nothing at all to be seen of special interest, except at intervals native towns of the usual type, the houses with walls and roof of thatch, and matted floor, without windows or chimneys, but very comfortable and suitable to the climate notwithstanding. The walk round the coaat, however, discloses many beautiful views of sea and landscape.

To the northward of the town, after crossing the Levuka Creek on a substantial bridge, one comes to the Levuka native town, to the hospitality of whose chief, Tui Levuka, to Europeans in the olden days, Levuka as now developed owes its existence.

Beyond a rocky point, in a deep and pretty bay, is the populous native and half-caste town of Vogadau (pronounced Vangan dathy).

Here is situated the Recreation Reserve and ground of the Levuka Cricket Club, on which a very nice pavilion is erected.

On this ground at holiday times various athletic sports are held, and adjoining it Mr, James Palmer has built a fine two-story house of concrete, which is far and away the handsomest private residence in Fiji.
Beyond this, again, are several private residences, notably those of the Rev. Mr. Floyd, Anglican clergyman, Messrs. Poulton, Hendy, and others, until the native town of Waitovu is reached.

This town is situated on a creek of the same name, up which in the ranges, about a mile from the beach, aud surrounded by gorgeous scenery, is one of the grandest bathing places anywhere to be found, coisisting of a waterfall with a deep pool, in which either a plunge, swimming, or shower bath cabin be obtained. This is one of the principal show places of Ovalau.

The Mercury Supplement, (Hobart, Tasmania)  Saturday 13 February, 1886.  This item appears written by a Levuka resident in early 1886, or late 1885.  It encourages tourism to Levuka, as a rest from an overheated Australia.  Author uses the name “Tasmanian”. Possibly Frederick Langham   Perhaps ship-owner and trader with a long term trading relationship with Levuka and Suva, for at least five years – since 1880.  I


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