1870: Anglican clergyman Revd. William Floyd arrives in Fiji

Image“A body of Church of England folk in Levuka in 1868 met for the purpose of securing a clergyman to minister to them, and a committee was formed in Melbourne to forward this purpose. 

The Revd. William Floyd was a member of this Melbourne Committee, and eventually he offered his services and arrived in Fiji in 1870. 

 He proved so acceptable to the Church members that in 1874 they applied to the New Zealand Bishops to consecrate him. 

 The application was met by a request for further information and a suggestion (which proved impracticable) that the Bishop of Melanesia should undertake the episcopal oversight.

 Almost all Mr. Floyd’s papers and records were lost soon after his death, and so too little is known of his work. 

 It was 10 years before a second clergyman arrived in Fiji, and another 20 years before the third one arrived:

 – Mr. Poole to Suva in  1880 and 

 – Mr. Lateward to Labasa in 1902.

 There is extant a document granting a small piece of land in the centre of Levuka, where a small church was built, but soon destroyed in a hurricane. 

 The second church remained in use for many years, until Floyd’s dream of a building in permanent material was realised and the present church in concrete consecrated in 1904”.  

Golden Jubilee, Diocese of Polynesia, 1908-1958 Transcribed By Dr. Terry M. Brown Retired Bishop Of Malaita, 2010 Golden Jubilee 1908-1958 Diocese Of Polynesia – Suva – Fiji http://anglicanhistory.org/oceania/polynesia_jubilee1958/



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